Thursday, August 11, 2011

My minute-by-minute reaction to the debate, from 7:30 on

7:33 - Huntsman doesn't answer a question

7:34 - Romney flip-flops again. - We only want immigrants with PhD's

7:36 - Cain has another list of 4 things - this one on immigration - that says lots of words and conveys nothing. High fences and wide open doors built our country? Ha!

7:37 - Newt refuses to answer his question on immigration and answers Cains question instead.

7:38 - Ron Paul touches on ending the War on Drugs, ending overseas militarism, and ending the welfare state as responses to immigration.

7:40 - Romney says nothing at all, attacks Obama on taxes, balancing budget

7:42 - Pawlenty attacks Obama again, says he regrets the cigarette tax now that he finds out it was unpopular

7:43 - Bachmann will vote for something if you stick some phony pro-life language in it.

7:43 - 7:46 - Bachmann and Pawlenty argue about nothing at all and get really really annoying.

7:47 - Santoru talks vaguely about his non-existent plan to grow the economy, willing to compromise for big government.

7:49 - Newt says something almost intelligent about the super-committee, still dead wrong on "gutting the military"

7:50 - Tim Pawlenty talks about ObamneyCare - offers no real solution of his own.

7:52 - Romney supports the Tenth Amendment - only on Healthcare. Apparently not on Drug policy, or any other aspect of human behavior, constitutional or not.

7:53 - Romney will come up with some other federal bureaucracy for healthcare to replace obamacare, allow states to force people to buy health insurance

7:54 - Bachmann makes the true argument that states cannot force people to buy a good, doesn't understand the tenth amendment

7:55 - Ron Paul eloquently defines a federal system - explains that healthcare costs are caused by the lack of the free market, wants to use the free market

7:57 - Santorum makes it apparent that he doesn't understand the tenth amendment.

8:01 - lightning round

8:02 - Ron Paul happy for Rick Perry entering - he further shows Ron Paul as the standout contender

8:04 - Santorum avoids a question.

8:05 - Pawlenty thinks that saying nice things about the military will make people love him

8:06 - Romney flip flops on Afghanistan again. - too spineless to be a commander in chief, and willing to let the generals do whatever they want

8:08 - Newt mad again that he has to answer a question about his rhetoric on Lybia. - accusses Obama of flip flopping and refuses to answer a question

8:09 - John Huntsman is a cyber-Neo-Con. Wants to use the military to attack countries where cyber criminals live.

8:10 - Santorum the interventionist talks vaugely about preventing Iran from getting a nuke, wants to cyber-attack Iran (terrorism), Continues

8:13 - Ron Paul kicks some neo-con ass, realizes why Iran wants a nuke, advocates diplomacy over starving children and war-mongering.

8:16 - Herman Cain reminds my sister of Stanley from The Office and would probably spend his time in the oval office doing crossword puzzles. I agree.

8:18 - Michelle Bachmann reveals that she really doesn't believe that the constitution protects anybody that she deems to be a Terrorist,

8:20 - Santorum believes that our military has brought freedom to the world, doesn't understand why terrorists hate us.

8:22 - Ron Paul kicks Neo-Con ass again!

8:26 - Newt wants Muslims to take loyalty tests.

8:27 - Cain explains Southern views on Mormonism with all of the eloquence of an elephant giving birth at a wedding rehersal dinner.

8:29 - Bachmann says something about marriage and family values that comes from one of those nauseating commmercials.

8:31 - Romney flip-flops on marriage again, beleves that a constitutional amendment on marriage will ensure taht nobody will procreate out of wedlock

8:32 - Huntsman - "I believe in civil unions because it polls well."

8:33 - Paul says that marriage should not be a government issue at all. He is (as usual) right.

8:36 - Bachmann supports constitutional amendment

8:37 - Yeah, we know - everyone is pro-life

8:39 - Mitt Romney blames the president for an economic policy that is equal to his, would extend unemployment benefits. He has no real economic differences from Obama

8:40 - Huntsman: "blah blah blah blah" talking points

8:42 - Bachmann kind of has a clue on economic issues

8:44 - Cain, once again, suggests nothing.

8:46 - Newt is a shill for a central bank, just not as much as most other politicans.

8:47 - Ron Paul on the Fed - get rid of legal tender laws, don't pay the fed.

8:49 - Santorum thinks he's a Tea Party guy! Gimme a break! "Of course we have to raise the debt limit"

8:54 - Huntsman looks like a scary, creepy man, says something kind of smart on education, and then screws it all up for supporting the so-called debt deal.

Closing arguments

Santorum is clueless, bottom dweller

Stanley "Herman Cain"- no substance

Ron Paul kicks more ass

Romney says he believes in capitalism - an obvious lie.

Bachmann - OK

Pawlenty - says he wants to protect freedom, despite running over the tenth amendment

Huntsman - We have a cancer, it is debt" - says the guy who supported the debt limit increase.

Newt - Cheezy thanking everybody because he has nothing better to say.

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